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Manufacturing & Production Plants

Manufacturing and production plants affect almost every aspect of our societies. A necessary component to secure uptime is the low voltage switchgear that aids the distribution of heavy loads of power that keep the production plants running. From food production to vehicle manufacturing, factories depend on the resilience and reliability that comes with the Logstrup Modular System.

The Basics

Enhanced productivity with maximised uptime

Uptime is the driving force that fuels all activities in the manufacturing and production industries. Meeting tight delivery deadlines and maximising production output are only possible when the machinery is up and running. To ensure uptime, it is essential to protect the electrical equipment that drives the production, and reliable low voltage switchgear serves this exact purpose. With its mechanical strength, the Logstrup Modular System is designed to ensure a reliable power distribution that keeps the wheels turning.

  • Bright picture of Logstrup Switchboard, WDU and others, Cabelsection
  • Logstrup Switchboard, Withdrawable Units
  • Logstrup Switchboard showing the Mini-withdrawable units
  • Switchboard production line robot that automates the proces
Mechanical Strength

Specially designed for demanding environments and high impact, the Logstrup Modular System is rigid and strong. The priority in our design and choice of material is longevity, low cost of ownership and easy maintenance.

In-house support

From project planning to 3D support, our highly skilled and experienced Support Team is ready to provide you with assistant and expertise. With a wide range of online tools and resources, Logstrup offers you full-service support across online and offline platforms.

Global Partner Network

Our worldwide network of Logstrup Licensed Panel Builders receives intense design training and assembly workshops so they are specialised in the Logstrup Modular System. As our partner, you receive parts ready for assembly based on your design and we offer punched and bent copper, relieving you of costly scrap copper.

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Our team of skilled supporters and qualified project engineers are ready to support you in finding the right combination that meets your needs.


Other Industries

High-quality materials for long-lasting switchgear

With a framework constructed of 2mm steel profiles, the Logstrup Modular System is particularly suited to the demanding operating conditions of these industries. The ability to ensure safe and reliable operations is tested and certified. The system meets and exceeds the IEC 61439-1/2 standards. Since the switchgear ensures a uniform distribution of the load, it streamlines the power distribution and prevents stoppages. Made from high quality, corrosion-protecting materials, the Logstrup Modular System is a long-lasting low voltage solution. The Logstrup Modular System is a complete system built from standard parts and fitted, bent and punched cobber -ready for assembly. Tested with all major international types of breakers, our Modular System is a resilient and dependable solution. While this extends its lifespan, it also reduces the operational costs and the total cost of ownership. We want our Modular System to offer flexible solutions that fit all demanding industries. Our design is thus scalable system allows for adding and reconfiguring units at any point. Our team of skilled supporters and qualified project engineers are ready to support you in finding the right combination that meets your needs. Switchboards and lv power components in addition to consulting about your lv power distribution setup are some of our main competences at Logstrup. Feel free to contact us at Logstrup for a new lv power distribution setup.