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Energy & Power Transmission

Everything we do in the modern world depends on energy, and we all expect continuous energy supplies. Whether the power comes from solar, coal, nuclear, oil, gas, hydro, wind, or a combination, a well-working power grid comes down to the electrical distribution switchgear.

The Basics

Reliable switchgear that keeps the lights on

Energy is an essential part of our modern world. Everything from high-tech automated production to critical hospital equipment relies on the power that the Energy and Power Transmission industries provide. For businesses and individuals alike, a reliable power supply is a necessity, and high performing low voltage switchgear plays a big part in this. As one of the strongest low voltage solutions on the market, the Logstrup Modular System is a reliable backbone in high performing wind turbines, oil & gas rigs and power plants to name a few. The Logstrup Modular System ensures the safety and performance needed in the energy sector, as it meets and exceeds the IEC 61439-1/2. Our system is thoroughly tested for high vibrations, shock tests and seismic requirements. Our thoroughly type tested solutions are known to ensure minimum downtime during integration and operation, this ensures an efficient power distribution.

  • Logstrups modular system is made for Energy Power
  • Logstrups modular system is made for Energy Power
  • Logstrups modular system is made for Energy Power
  • Black Logstrup low voltage electrical Switchboard
Mechanical Strength

Specially designed for demanding environments and high impact, the Logstrup Modular System is rigid and strong. The priority in our design and choice of material is longevity, low cost of ownership and easy maintenance.

In-house support

From project planning to 3D support, our highly skilled and experienced Support Team is ready to provide you with assistant and expertise. With a wide range of online tools and resources, Logstrup offers you full-service support across online and offline platforms.

Global Partner Network

Our worldwide network of Logstrup Licensed Panel Builders receives intense design training and assembly workshops so they are specialised in the Logstrup Modular System. As our partner, you receive parts ready for assembly based on your design and we offer punched and bent copper, relieving you of costly scrap copper.

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Other Industries

Flexible and modular switchboard system

In the highly competitive energy sector, stakeholders push for reliable and long-lasting switchboard solutions with low costs. With our strong, scalable Modular System, Logstrup offers solutions that help the energy sector combat the challenges at hand. Our high-quality materials with self-healing abilities and high corrosion protection, combined with unique production techniques, offers an extended lifetime to our switchgear even in humid and demanding environments. These long-lasting qualities have a positive impact on the total cost of ownership. The Logstrup Modular System offers options to redesign and reconfigure, even while the panel is live. You can add any functional unit at any later point. With a dedicated Support Team and partner network across the world, Logstrup is able to support you in any project within the Energy and Power Transmission industry. With the knowledge of our Project Engineers and the flexibility of our System, we are well equipped to find the best solution to match your needs. Switchboards and components for electrical power distribution are our finest specialty at Logstrup. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding our solutions for low-voltage power distribution.