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Case story

Al Dar Properties

As part of reviving a historic landmark in Abu Dhabi –a central market known as the souq- our partner was tasked to supplying all low voltage requirements for Al Dar Properties’ large real estate development. The task required modular and space-optimized solutions, as parts of the panels had to fit into limited space. Thanks to the flexibility of the Logstrup Modular System combined with the expertise of our partner, a customized solution was possible.

The end-user

Al Dar Properties is the Emirates’ premier real estate development, management and investment company.

They work with a vision of establishing Abu Dhabi as the UAE’s most dynamic forward-thinking real estate market. Al Dar seeks to produce development that fulfills immediate and future physical, social and economic requirements whilst adhering to the cultural and natural heritage of Abu Dhabi as well as taking environmental sustainability into consideration.

  • Logstrup manufactured a customised electrical switchboard for Binghalib Al-Dar
  • Logstrup manufactured a customised electrical switchboard for Binghalib Al-Dar
  • Logstrup manufactured a customised electrical switchboard for Binghalib Al-Dar
  • Logstrup manufactured a customised electrical switchboard for Binghalib Al-Dar

The Project

This turnkey project was a redevelopment of the traditional central souq (market) in Abu Dhabi. Logstrup Partner, Binghalib, was tasked with supplying all low voltage requirements for the project. The redevelopment occupies 0.5 hectares of city space, consisting of retail stores, food courts (the souq has 250 outlet stores over 3 floors), a 382 meters tall residential tower of 88 floors with 474 luxurious apartments and penthouses and an Office Tower of 60 floors – 278 meters high. The old souq was the center of all business and trading in the early 1970s as Abu Dhabi started expanding. Since then, it has remained a vibrant central part of Abu Dhabi's business and urban life. Back in 2007 when this project was initiated, the purpose was to bring the historical souq into the new age.

The Challenge

The project was challenging in the sense that a lot of details and specifications were made specifically for this project and for Al Dar, as the property was a major landmark. This required a lot of detail to go into scoping the project, such as technical specifications, connections and providing package solutions. Logstrup partner, Binghalib, was challenged by limited space and has to fit panels into small spaces. Due to the many configurations that Logstrup offers, Binghalib was able to provide a compact draw-out module with the main busbar in the bottom, which reduced panel width. Binghalib has to carry out type tests to get local authority approval of the design. Binghalib and Logstrup supplied low voltage panels, automation and installation of some parts such as smaller panels and ATS. Originally, Binghalib was supposed to only supply low voltage switchgear for parts of the project, but in doing so successfully, they were chosen as suppliers for the remaining parts. The parts of the project involving Binghalib ran from 2013 to 2017, when Binghalib supplied the last panels.

What was supplied:

  • Project name
    Al Dar Properties
  • Industry
    Building Management
  • Geography
  • Switchgear type
  • Unit type
    All types
  • Max. busbar rating
    100A up to 4000A
  • Type of breaker
    All Types

Why Logstrup

High-quality modular switchgear that allows for customised solutions

Due to the limited space in which the switchgear was to be installed, it was paramount to find a flexible, scalable solution that allows for customization. The Logstrup Modular System rendered the end-user and the system integrator with multiple configuration options and modularity that was much needed to fit the switchgear into a small space. Additionally, the long-lasting switchgear made from Logstrup Modular System exceeds IEC 61439-1/2 requirements and is a proven fit for demanding environments and climates. The Logstrup Modular System fits the many requirements, standards and type tests in this project. Al Dar and Binghalib have a trusting professional relationship, which was beneficial in a project such as this that lasted for several years.

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