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Case story

The Great Belt link

In 2020, Logstrup will supply new switchboards for parts of the Great Belt Link. 29 years prior to this, Logstrup supplied low voltage electrical switchboard solutions to control the light and ventilation in the Great Belt tunnel in 1991. The Great Belt links the two Danish islands of Funen and Zealand. The link consists of three bridges, one of which is a suspension bridge, a road across a small island and a railway tunnel.

The end-user

The Great Belt Link / Storebæltsforbindelsen

With more than 12.000.000 motorised vehicles crossing in one year, the Great Belt Bridge is a popular traffic route, connecting Zealand and Funen to each other. The entire span of the Great Belt Link is approximately 18 km. The entire link consists of a suspension bridge, a road across the little island Sprogoe, a box-girder bridge and a railway. Since 1997, the Great Belt Link was open to train traffic and in 1998 it opened for vehicles such as cars, trucks and busses.

  • Cabinet for cabels in switchboard - case storebælt
  • Logstrup Steel's low voltage and high quality modular switchboards for The Great Belt Bridge in Denmark
  • Switchboard with view inside cablesection - case storebælt
  • Logstrup Steel's low voltage and high quality modular switchboards for The Great Belt Bridge in Denmark

The Project

The Great Belt connection needed new switchboards for parts of the tunnel as well as the portal and pump constructions in Halsskov near Sprogoe. The end-user prioritized low total cost of ownership, minimum maintenance and easy installation that would not compromise the up-time in any way. Through careful inspection and project planning, Logstrup found a solution that met the requirements. We are able to provide the end-user with a modular concept that allows for any reconfiguration and ad-on at a later stage. Simultaneously, our low voltage electrical switchboards and control gear are made from long-lasting materials that ensure longevity even with minimum maintenance. We are able to provide the end-user with complete 3D designs of each electrical switchboard panel which is used for installation, assemble as well as maintenance. The flexibility and reliability that comes with our high-quality low voltage modular switchgear was already a tested and proven concept for the end-user. Additionally, the same factors contributed to the first order Logstrup received from the end-user. In 1991, Logstrup supplied 320 meters of switchboards with separation form 3. The switchboard panels control lighting and ventilation, keeping the train traffic safe.

The Challenge

The switchboards are determining factors in safe traffic across the Great Belt Link. Each year, more than ten million motorised vehicles cross the connection in addition to the daily train traffic. For this reason, it was important that the installation would not compromise up-time and that the final solution was safe and reliable. To provide a solution that could safeguard the connection during installation and operation, Logstrup prioritized the components that are vital for cross-unit communication. In close collaboration with some of the largest suppliers of components in the world, Logstrup is able to incorporate smart solutions into our electrical switchboards and control systems. For this case, we designed a solution with ABB breakers and communication network that ensures a high safety level during operation. This also makes it possible to du remote maintenance of the panels so staff only have to appear on sight if something needs manual fixing when everything is up and running. There is always a risk involved in checking electrical switchboards manually. The communication system and remote maintenance thus add to the safety of the personnel. Simultaneously, these panels are situated in an emergency exit tunnel. Installing even smaller panels means that the emergency tunnel is optimizing the safety passage if an emergency were to happen.

What was supplied:

  • Project name
    The Great Belt Link
  • Industry
    Building Management
  • Geography
  • Size of project
    167 switchboards
  • Max. busbar rating
  • Type of breaker
    ABB - Emax ACB and XT MCCB

Why Logstrup

Limited maintenance and low total cost of ownership

The primary reason why Logstrup was chosen for this contract was our ability to supply a high-quality product that is safe and reliable during installation and in operation over time. Each part of the design such as the strong construction, the components and the corrosion-protective surfaces result in electrical switchboards that require low maintenance and ensure low total cost of ownership. The modular system that is the base of any Logstrup's electrical switchgear provides a flexible solution that is easy to install. For this project, the Smissline plug-in system additionally contributes to an easy and modular installation and design. Logstrup facilitates a high level of service that includes inspection, 3D modelling, installation and support through each step of the design and installation process.

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