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Data Center

Delivering critical power solutions to the top five hyperscale data centres. With the Logstrup Modular System, it is possible to design any Low Voltage Switchboard and switchgear solution that is needed to secure uptime in Data Centers. Every standard part of our Modular System is made from high-quality, material developed for highly reliable and flexible solutions.

The Basics

The world depends on the uptime of Data Centers, and the uptime of Data Centers rely on well-functioning switchboards.

The Logstrup Modular System is thoroughly type tested, proving that our switchboard is safe and reliable during operation. Our Modular System meets and exceeds IEC 61439-1/2. Compatible with a wide range of components, the Logstrup Modular System is a customizable solution that is scalable during design and operation. With the rise of digitalization, mobile computing and Internet of Things (IoT), Data Centers are growing in number and size. Equally so, data is becoming one of the most valuable resources in the modern world, which places a growing responsibility on Data Centers. We take that responsibility seriously. Our Modular System is built from a core that offers a mechanical strength unlike most other products on the market. The 12 mm copper busbar in our Modular System Switchboards allows for a number of ratings and variations.

  • Whit low voltage electrical Switchboard
  • Whit low voltage electrical Switchboard
  • Busbar in the Logstrup Modular system, Switchboard
  • Whit low voltage electrical Switchboard
Mechanical Strength

Specially designed for demanding environments and high impact, the Logstrup Modular System is rigid and strong. The priority in our design and choice of material is longevity, low cost of ownership and easy maintenance..

In-house Support

From project planning to 3D support, our highly skilled and experienced Support Team is ready to provide you with assistance and expertise. With a wide range of online tools and resources, Logstrup offers you full-service support online and offline.

Global Partner Network

Our worldwide network of Logstrup Licensed Panel Builders receives intense design training and assembly workshops so they are specialised in the Logstrup Modular System. As our partner, you receive parts ready for assembly based on your design and we offer punched and bent copper, relieving you of costly scrap copper.

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Other Industries

The Logstrup Modular System offers the reliability, scalability and longevity that our world of ever-growing data requires.

Being the backbone of Data Centers’ power distribution system, switchgear holds a critical role in our modern society. We know that uptime is crucial to business success across all sectors and industry and a reliable Low Voltage Switchgear provider is paramount to ensuring that. This is exactly why Logstrup is a preferred supplier of Low Voltage Switchgear for the Data Centre industry. We are ready to deliver all copper parts punched and bent, relieving you of costly scrap copper. Tested to withstand up to 8500 A, and tested for temperature rise and short circuit level, our busbar system is the strong, reliable heart of our Logstrup Switchgear solution. Our Modular System can be equipped with any functional unit at later stages, which allows for expansion and redesign if needed. With a global partner network of licensed panel builders, we are ready to help you find the right solution for your next Data Centre project. Switchboards and components for electrical distribution are our specialty at Logstrup. We strive to be the best in a demanding industry for safe power distribution solutions. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding switchboards and switchgear solutions.