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Busbar Section

Logstrup high-quality base frame wheels

Modular components

The Logstrup Busbar System consists of modular components, which allow unlimited variations and ratings. Three, four and five-wire systems can be designed with ease. Ratings up to 8500A are standard and tested for both temperature rise and short circuit level. The Busbar System is based on a two-bar-per-phase system, both horizontal and vertical, eliminating time-consuming drilling and bending of copper bars. The busbar joints are attached by bolts and nuts of 8.8 quality in connection with special spring washers, type DIN 6796. This ensures a highly efficient and reliable connection throughout the complete lifetime of the assembly, even during variations in operational and thermal conditions.


The connections between the horizontal and vertical bars are made by a special busbar connector system that secures a stable and safe connection. The BXC 11649 spacer has been tested to 2900A. We use special fishplate connections to join two-panel sections. The fishplate connections range from 800A up to 8500A and are easily mounted and ensure a reliable connection. Configuration: Systems up to 8500A can be assembled as standard. A 2 bar, 2×2 bar, or 3×2 bar per phase arrangement is used. This allows connections and extensions to be made without drilling or bending of the copper. The Busbar holder components are manufactured from a high-grade polymer which provides high insulation for the copper bar, good mechanical and thermal strength to meet the stress during a short circuit and ability to withstand variations in temperature during service conditions.

high-quality base frame for a Logstrup electrical switchboard
Logstrup electrical switchboards with a high-quality baseframe with a lifting eye

The Busbar System

The Logstrup Busbar System consists of modular components that allow unlimited variations. 3, 4 & 5 wire systems can be created with ease, while the space between phases can be increased to ease connection to large breakers and facilitate connections of multiple cables. The busbar support insulators are manufactured from a high-grade polymer, which can withstand all the mechanical and thermal stresses involved. All polymers used in the system are CFC and halogen-free. The high short circuit level of the busbar system and the mechanical robustness of the enclosures guarantee a reliable, safe, and long-lasting system suitable for even the most demanding environments.

What to expect

Available with internal separation from Form 1 to Form 4B for an arc fault protection for safety for personnel and operational reliability

Strong and customisable switchgear suitable for all high demanding markets on – and offshore

Fully compliant with IEC 61439-1/2 and multiple international standards