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Mini-Withdrawable Units

Logstrup high-quality base frame wheels

Mini-Withdrawable Units

The Mini-Withdrawable Units resemble the Withdrawable Units, but the Mini-Withdrawable Units makes it possible to have more units per stack. The mini WDU offers high protection for personnel and can be accessed from the rear and the front.

Interface box

The units rate up to 80A, 55kW, and 690V. The unit has an interface box that can be prewired and is removable. To ensure the minimal down-time the Mini WDU is fully re-configurable while live.

high-quality base frame for a Logstrup electrical switchboard
Logstrup electrical switchboards with a high-quality baseframe with a lifting eye

The mini WDU

The mini WDU can have up to 40 units per stack, and the auxiliary controls up to 46 control pins. The mini WDU comes with an optional coding system and can connect with different communications systems such as DeviceNet and Profibus. Sizes: X = 1, 1.5, 2, 3. Y = 1

What to expect

Available with internal separation from Form 1 to Form 4B for an arc fault protection for safety for personnel and operational reliability

Strong and customisable switchgear suitable for all high demanding markets on – and offshore

Fully compliant with IEC 61439-1/2 and multiple international standards