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We are working towards obtaining ISO 45001 (Occupational Health & Safety Management System)

June 21, 2021

At Logstrup we want to provide a safe and pleasant work environment for all employees. We want to make sure we do our best to avoid and reduce accidents at work, care for our employees and ensure the best possible physical and psychological work environment for everyone. This is something that has been our focus for years.

In Denmark, where our headquarters are based, the government’s department of Work Environment (Arbejdstilsynet) makes sure that companies in Denmark adhere to certain legislations regarding work environment, similar to ISO 45001. We have always worked towards a safe and pleasant work environment, but now we are ready to take it a step further as we work towards obtaining the ISO 45001.

As we already have ISO 14001 and ISO 9001 in place, the next logical step in continuing to improve the structure of our work environmental policy was to obtain the ISO 45001.  It is at the heart of our policy to incorporate good working conditions and prevention in all our doings. From the initial planning and projecting – through production and final operation and maintenance.      A strong physical and psychological work environment is key to satisfied and motivated employees and leaders. The Occupational Health Policy is applicable to all employees in Logstrup.

Employees are the most important resource

Our policy focuses on the employee as being a crucial resource. We have working conditions without violence, threats, bullying or harassment and with respect for diversity and each other.

The cooperation between management and employees is a matter that concerns both parties and everyone is expected to participate actively in creating a healthy and safe working environment with attention to prevent attrition and accidents. We do not accept accidents. We know that all accidents have root causes that needs to be determined in order to prevent reoccurrence. We believe that preventing reoccurrence is crucial through responsible management and planning.

It is a long process to become ISO 45001 certified but we are excited for the whole process and looking forward to reaching our goal of obtaining the certification.


What is the ISO 45001?

The ISO 45001 OS&H management’s purpose is to help companies improve their performance in relation to work environment by creating a framework for management where you manage the risks that exist in your working environment. This helps reduce accidents and create healthy and safe workplaces. You can find more information about ISO 45001 here.


“”Our customers want to be assured that our organisation has a good OHS (occupational health and safety) management system in place, something that is equally as important as our assurance of excellent quality. The benefits for the employees and management are clear; we both participate in creating improved workplace conditions and thereby lessen employees risk for injury or illness.”.
Per Løgstrup

CEO, Logstrup