The Logstrup Training Program

Thursday, April 25, 2013

We are pleased to invite you to the Logstrup Training Program week 22 in Kvistgaard, Denmark.
The training program consists of two parts and takes a full working week. The Logstrup Assembly
Training (for workshop fitters and designers) takes place 27th – 28th May. This 2-day intensive
program will teach you how to assemble the Logstrup Modular System and go into detail with
hands-on training and product knowledge.

The Logstrup Academy Training (for designers and engineers) takes place 29th – 31st May.
This 3-day intensive program will teach you to design and calculate Logstrup panels and go into
details with product knowledge, temperature rise calculation, template design and much more.
Upon successful completion, you will receive a course certificate.

Participation is free of charge and we are happy to assist you with booking accommodation.

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