Academy Training Seminar

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Three times per year we host 3-day intensive seminars with the objective of making you an independant user. These seminars take place in Kvistgaard, Denmark and include our full product range.


New customers receive the LogCad and LogCalc applications for AutoCad free of charge. Personal safety, quality, flexibility, and efficiency are central to Logstrup and it is important to us that you benefit from the software.


By using LogCad and LogCalc your company will benefit by saving man-hours and being more efficient in responding to your customers' requests for designs, prices and margins.

LogCad and LogCalc:

  • Easy to use step by step work flow
  • Create front layout and picking list
  • Calculate prices
  • Use thermal calculation tool
  • See and print all views, front, top, side, rear, busbar, and units.
  • Find estimated mounting time
  • Implement own components in the design
  • Compare prices of alternative designs
  • Design and calculate price of single units and sections
  • Understand the concept of developing your products
  • Access component Library

The Academy Training Seminar offers:

  • Extensive product training in Logstrup products, solutions, and services
  • Practical training in LogCad and LogCalc to design and calculate Logstrup panels and units

Upcoming Academy Training Seminars are scheduled for:

  • May 2014 - Week 19 (open for registration)

For further information and registration, please contact