Logstrup has been involved in the design and manufacture of Low Voltage Systems for 50 years. During this time the company has been a major supplier to the marine & offshore industries.


Custom Design

Marine Switchboards and Motorcontrol Centers are available in various types

- Fixed Type
- Removable Type
- Withdrawable Type
- Inline Type


Logstrup provides customised solutions for Bridge Control Consoles using the latest 3D technology. Services include:

- 3D Concept Model
- 3D Visualisation
- Detailed design
- CAD/CAM manufacturing
- Precision welding
- Manufactured in mild or stainless steel
- Choice of colours and textures



The framework and cladding system provides the most robust flexible system available:

- High strength 5 bend profile 
- IP 3X and IP 44 standard (IP 54 optional)
- 2mm Aluzinc material  
- Special colours available
- Modular in 3 axes 
- Customised door cut-out’s
- Doors in 1.5mm or 2.0mm

The busbar system forms the main power distribution within an assembly and is one of the critical elements determining the assembly's operational reliability and safety. Features of the busbar system include:

- 2, 3 or 4 bar systems up to 8,500A 
- IP 20 protection
- High fault level up to 135kA  
- Internal Arc barriers ( optional )
- Rated voltage 690 V AC 
- Fitted to top, centre or bottom of panel


Maintenance of correct temperature

Logstrup Marine & Offshore Panels incorporate advanced features to ensure optimum use of space on the vessel while still maintaining correct temperature within the panels.

- Front or Rear Access
- Ventilation front and back
- Raised roofs to IP 31
- Interlacing of phases


Modular Design

Logstrup has been supplier of the following to the Marine Industry:

- Main Switchboards
- Bridge Control Consoles
- Motorcontrol Centers
- Busbar Ducts
- Control Panels

Systems are available as loose part kits or mechanically assembled.



The primary demand in today’s society is personal safety. Logstrup marine & offshore panels achieve the highest safety standards:

- Type Test acc. IEC 60439-1 
- Thermographic inspection areas
- Internal Arc Test acc. IEC 61641 
- Mechanical safety interlocks
- Ships Classifications 
- IP 20 internal protection
- Arc Barriers
- Protection of degrees