Kyndby Power Plant

Company Name: Kyndby Power Plant
Country: Denmark
Type: MDU, WDU
Protection: MCCB


Power - EVN AG/Theiss Power Plant

Country: Austria
Type: WDU, FDU & ILU
Protection: IP 44
MCC: -
Switchboard: -
Distribution Panel: X
Rating: 2 x 2000A
No. of Units: 2
No. of Sections: 13 Panels
Year: 2008


Power - Korinthos Power S.A.

Industry: Power Plant
Country: Greece
Type: WDU
Distribution Panel
Rating: 4000A
Network: Modbus
No. of Units: 48
No. of Sections: 80
Year: 2010


Power - Lahendong III - Geothermal Power Plant

Country: Indonesia
Type: WDU & MDU
Protection: MCCB
Switchboard: -
Rating: 3200A, 2000A
No. of Units: 92
Year: 2008


Power - Ostroleka Power Plant Complex

Country: Poland
Type: WDU
Protection: MCCB
MCC: -
Switchboard: X
Rating: 2500A
No. of Units: 48
Year: 2006


Power - Sleaford Renewable energy Plant, UK

Industry: Power Plant
Company name (end user): Sleaford Renewable Energy Plant
Country (end user): Sleaford UK
Country of manufacturer: DK
Type: WDU, MDU & FDU
Motor Control Centre:X
Distribution Panel: X
Rating of main bus bar: 4000A
Type of network: Profibus
No. of units: 245 (60 MCCB drawout, 15 ACB drawout, 80 MDU, 5 WDU, 85 FDU)
No. of sections: 30
Year: 2012

Power - Zouk & Jiyeh, Lebanon

Company name (end user): Zouk & Jiyeh Power Plant
Country (end user): Lebanon
Country of manufacturer: Denmark
Type: FDU
Motor Control Center: Yes
Distribution Panel: Yes
Rating of main busbar: 5000A
Type of networks: Profibus
No. of units: Approx. 537 units (225 MCCB, 12 ACB draw-out, 300 FDU)
No. of sections: 115
Year: 2013


Company Name: Sazeh
Country: Iran
Type: WDU Rear Access
Protection: MCCB
Switchboard: -
Rating: 1250A



Company Name: Taraz
Country: Iran
Type: WDU
Protection: MCCB
Switchboard: -
Rating: 1000A


Vienna Energy Forta Naturala

Company Name: Vienna Energy
Country: Austria
Type: FDU, Control Cabinet
Protection: -
MCC: -
Switchboard: -
Generator Control Centre: X
Rating: 2200A
No. of Units: 4
No. of Plants: 3
Year: 2010