Infrastruture - Wienerlinie, Metro Vienna

Project during 2002-2015.

Type tested low voltage switchboards and sub distribution boards.
Linie U1 5 km. and 5 stations Linie U2 12 km. and 12 station Other stations were supplied on all lines. 
Latest order is ‘Extension U1-Süd’.

Oil Refining - OMV - MCC Matzen Neu

Country: Austria
Type: WDU, MDU & RMU
Protection: IP 42
Switchboard: -
Distribution Panel: X
Rating: 2 x 1250A
Network: Profibus
No. of Units: 12 (Panels)
No. of Sections: 50 (Feeders)
Year: 2010


Power - EVN AG/Theiss Power Plant

Country: Austria
Type: WDU, FDU & ILU
Protection: IP 44
MCC: -
Switchboard: -
Distribution Panel: X
Rating: 2 x 2000A
No. of Units: 2
No. of Sections: 13 Panels
Year: 2008


Vienna Energy Forta Naturala

Company Name: Vienna Energy
Country: Austria
Type: FDU, Control Cabinet
Protection: -
MCC: -
Switchboard: -
Generator Control Centre: X
Rating: 2200A
No. of Units: 4
No. of Plants: 3
Year: 2010