• 1947

    In 1947 Jørgen Løgstrup became a licensed electrician. After raising funds, he and his wife opened a small electrician shop in Øster Farimagsgade 30, Copenhagen. He made electrical installations during the day and build oil-fired heating systems at night, while his wife made lampshades and took care of customers.

  • 1958

    The demand for switchboards grew, and lead times were long. The extended production time gave Jørgen Løgstrup the idea to manufacture a modular system. In May 1958 he obtained his metal worker trade license and started Logstrup as we know it today.

  • 1962

    In 1962 the facilities became too small and Jørgen Løgstrup moved to Gurre, North Zealand, renting an old hen house of 600 m2.
    At this location the first modular system (B-modul) was created. It allowed Logstrup to design and build all types of switchboards from a standard range of parts.

  • 1965

    To fit the ever increasing production, a new 1500m2 factory was built in Kvistgaard near Elsinore. The new factory was inaugurated on January 1st 1965.

  • 1971

    In 1971 the factory in Kvistgaard was expanded to 3,000m2, now containing manufacturing, warehousing and panel assembly.
    The A-Module System and the ISO-10 Busbar System were developed, manufacturing was automated through rollforming process lines for framework parts, and an in-line paint shop was installed.

  • 1972

    Logstrup began selling the modular system in 1972 through a distributor.

  • 1973

    The Logstrup Modular System was sold in the UK through a distributor during the early 1970’s.

  • 1978

    In 1978 Lögstrup Sweden AB moved to Limhamnsvägen 111. This was the main warehouse and panel assembly workshop for the Swedish market. Additional sales offices are located in Stockholm and Gothenburg.

  • 1979

    The head office of Logstrup moved to a unique farmhouse in Borupgaard in 1979. In 1983 Logstrup celebrated its 25th anniversary at Borupgaard.

  • 1980

    In Denmark the factory in Humlebaek was enlarged to 1800m2, to accommodate the increasing orders for process panels. These specialized stainless steel panels were being supplied to Tetra Pak in Sweden, a customer of Logstrup since 1963.

  • 1982

    Logstrup (Ireland) Ltd. was established in 1982 in Tuam, Galway County. This plant started production of sheet metal parts, injection moulded parts, assembly and wiring of cabinets. An Irish sales office and warehouse for the Irish market was also established here.

  • 1983

    On September 28th 1983 Logstrup (UK) Ltd. moved to their previous address, Lynwell Road, Eccles, Manchester occupying approximately 1,100m2.

  • 1991

    In 1991, at the age of 27, Per Løgstrup was appointed CEO of the Logstrup Group. Jørgen Løgstrup remained chairman of the board until 1997.

  • 1995

    In March 1995 Per Løgstrup bought the Logstrup shares from Jørgen Løgstrup, and the generational change was a reality.

  • 2001

    In 2001 a new automated paint plant was installed in Kvistgaard, which improved quality and enabled a quick change of colours.


  • 2002

    In May 2002 the next-door building in Kvistgaard was acquired, and finally after a large renovation, all Danish activities were consolidated at Egeskovvej 16-18. The total area of the premises now 13,000m2

  • 2005

    In 2005 Logstrup developed the Omega product line - a fully reconfigurable product - a highly flexible fixed, removable or withdrawable system, that allows the user to change, repair and upgrade panel units while switchboard is still live.

  • 2008

    In 2008 Logstrup celebrated its 50 years anniversary. On this occation employees from the headquarter and all subsidiaries were gathered for a weekend of celebrating in Helsingor near the Logstrup headquarter.

  • 2011

    In April 2011 the implementation of the new Salvagnini machine was initiated in Kvistgaard. When fully operational, by second quarter of 2012, it will not only reduce co2 emissions substantially but also enable Logstrup to introduce a brand new product design that will add several advantages to the benefit of our customers.

  • 2012

    1st of July 2012, Logstrup acquired a 12700m2 plot of land next to the headquarters in Kvistgaard, Denmark.
    The plot was acquired to secure future expansion opportunities for Logstrup. With this new plot of land, Logstrup will be able to expand with up to 5000m2.

  • 2016

    In 2016 Logstrup invested in a production line to mount gaskets, spacers and hinges on external cladding.
    This investment was part of the automatization and optimization of the production process, and means that manufacturing of all high runners in the Logstrup product range is now automatized.

Our history

Over time Logstrup has evolved from a small and local company to a global company.
Currently, Logstrup has offices in 4 countries and partners in more than 60 countries.