The Logstrup Modular System incorporates fixed, removable, withdrawable and inline technology for switchboards and motor control centres.

Major benefits include:
Minimum downtime
Re-configuration of units while panel is live
Ability to interchange different unit types
Fully Type Tested
Internal Arc Protection

  • Dimensions & Layout

    The Logstrup enclosure system has complete modularity in all 3 axes with a base module of 190mm. This provides the most flexible solution possible. Width, height and depth as well as sizing and placement of any sub-sections are infinitely variable. Many space restrictions can be overcome by making angled or back-to-back arrangements.

    The unique corner joint and framework system constructed of 2mm steel profiles, incorporating 5 bends ensures a maximum strength. This makes the system particularly suited for heavy-duty equipment, large busbar systems and demanding operating conditions.

    - Standard AKA framework
    - 3 x 4 x 5 x 6 module deep panels
    - Standard sections for shipping which are easy to join on site
    - Busbar X-Y or Z plane
    - Cableway in front of busbar running throughout the whole length of the panel, top and bottom
    - Easy to extend and upgrade
    - Front access and rear access

    Sizes:  X - 5 + 6  Y - 10, 11, 12  Z - 3, 4, 5, 6

    Double section of 10m X 12m can be assembled from one framework for shipping as one piece


  • Partly Built Options

    The Logstrup Modular System can be shipped as a flat pack/loose part kits, to build up by the customer.

    An other option is to receive the product partly built. This means that structural parts and main busbar is built up before departing from Logstrup. Cladding will follow as loose part kit as usual.


Structural Parts

Logstrup structural parts provides the most flexible and robust system available.

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External Cladding

Logstrup cladding range provides flexibility and robustness to all assemblies.

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Busbar Section

The busbar system forms the main power distribution within the assembly. Busbar Section is reliable and tested according to international standards

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Functional Units

The Logstrup System offers unlimited flexibility with a large range of unit types.

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Cable Sections

Logstrup Modular system allows for a cable section or Cableway of various width to be incorporated into a panel

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A wide range of layouts for the Logstrup Modular Enclosure units and configurations.

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Additional Information & Links

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