The Logstrup Distribution and MCC panels range from 63A up to 8500A with a short circuit level up to 130kA, 1 sec.

To secure the individual needs we can offer a wide range of knowledge from our project engineers, who can support our customers to find the best technical and economical solution for their application.


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    We ensure that the Logstrup panel system and the co-ordination of the components fulfills the requirement. All components are selected according to the given short circuit level and coordinated to the right Back-up level.

    The distribution panels can be equipped with MCB, MCCB in fixed or plug-in and ACB’s in fixed or draw-out version.
    MCC can be equipped with motorstarters according to unit diagrams and with possibility of intelligent communication to the overall control system.

    Motorstarters are available in fixed or in the Logstrup Omega withdrawable system.

    As a part of our quality system all panels are tested according to our detailed test protocol.