Economising on space in a switchboard or motor control centre can be detrimental for the personnel involved in the installation of the equipment.

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    The provision of narrow cableways leads to higher installation costs, dangerous working conditions and may inadvertently lead to bad workmanship due to lack of proper space.

    The long term consequences may be higher service time and more downtime.
    In designing a Logstrup type tested assembly, various widths of cableways may be incorporated depending on the number of cables and their respective size.

    Standard widths are 450mm, 640mm and 830mm. This is especially important where large cables have to be installed or a cableway is shared with 2 functional unit sections.

    A cableway can run horizontally throughout the whole length of the board, at the top and bottom as well as vertically beside each functional unit section. This provides a complete island around each functional unit section and allows inter-wiring between various units and back to PLC sections with ease.