A single backplate (KBK) is used or multiple backplates are joined together using a joining bracket (KBJ) and filler (KBF).
Mounting plate brackets (KMB) are added to backplates to support mounting plates (KMP) and din rail brackets (KDB). The slots in these rails also provide a support for horizontal dividing plates (KDP).


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    Mounting plates (KMP) are fitted to (KMB) for fitting all types of electrical equipment such as isolators, switchfuses, motor starters etc. Din rails (KDR) are fitted to (KDB).
    Din rail brackets (KDB) are fitted for mounting various types of DIN equipment such as MCB's, RCD's, RCBO, Relays, Timers etc.

    All the electrical equipment and wiring can now be fully completed on the bench before any sides or tops of the enclosure are fitted. This allows for ease of access to all areas and speeds up wiring. A cableway area can be provided in the vertical plane such as a 200mm x 1600mm vertical section. This can have an individual door or be part of an equipment section of say 400mm x 1600mm and both can be covered by a full door 600mm x 600mm.

    A cableway can be provided in the horizontal plane at the top or bottom of a panel. This can be a section 600mm x 400mm at the top of a 600mm x 1600mm back plate.
    The cable section could also span numerous backplates to make a section say 1200mm x 400mm at the top/bottom of two 1200mm x 1600mm backplates.
    The top/bottom plates (KTB) are fitted to the panel by means of rivets attached to the rear of the backplate.

    A (KTG) top / bottom plate is provided to allow gland plates (KGP) to be fitted for incoming and outgoing cables.
    A (KGD) gland plate divider may be fitted to split the gland plates…one for incoming and one for outgoing.

    The enclosure can be subdivided vertically by (KUB) uprights and laterally by (KCB) cross bars, which are attached to outer panels with (KBT) brackets.
    This allows subdivision and compartmentation for electrical safety reasons and allows the fitting of various multiple height doors.
    The internal of the panel can be partitioned using KPB, KPH, KPF and KDP.

    If cable trunking is fitted behind the uprights (KUB) it may only be necessary to fit half height (KPH) side plates.
    (KPH) and (KPF) side plates are first fitted to (KPB) side plate rails. The assembly is then fitted to the side panel (KSP) or upright (KUB).
    (KDP) dividing plate is used to provide a horizontal partition. MCB cover plates (KMC) are fitted on top of din rail equipment.

    Cover plates either blank (KBP) or hinged (KHP) are fitted in front of other types of equipment, which have been mounted on (KMP) mounting plates.
    Terminal covers (KTC) are fitted over cableways. When a cableway extends beyond one door a (KTD) terminal cover door bar is fitted to cover the opening between two doors.
    Various height doors (KDO) are fitted to side panels with (KHG) hinges and (KHB) bracket.
    Single point or 3 point locking can be fitted to all doors.

    Hand, tool and key operated locks are provided, as standard.
    A plinth system using KXB and KZB can be fitted for free standing panels.