The Alpha Enclosure System has been developed for low power applications such as distribution, sub-distribution and control panels. The system is completely modular and offers unlimited design configurations.
Single unit construction from 400mm x 600mm up to 2000mm x 2000mm is possible, so there is no need to join boxes together.

Alpha Enclosures

Logstrup Enclosures can be sub-divided vertically and horizontally with rails to allow for multiple door configurations. Cable sections can be added

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Alpha Enclosure Construction

Enclosures are adjustable to fit your need. Alpha provides a rigid heavy duty design with a modern style. Multiple door configurations are standard.

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Alpha Doors and Covers

Logstrup Alpha doors and covers with multiple combinations of height and width can be fitted as standard. It is flexibility to fit your needs.

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Alpha Plates and Panels

Alpha Plates and Panels: Backplates can be joined together in various combinations, Mounting plates and DIN rails are then fitted.

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Alpha Enclosure Cabelling

With Logstrup Alpha Enclosures cable trunking is riveted between sections to facilitate wiring and allow ease of access to components etc

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Alpha Enclosure Assembly

All electrical equipment and wiring can be completed on the bench before enclosure are fitted. Allows for ease of access, speeds up wiring.

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